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Here I Am. You don't know me, but you might. I'm around the corner, down the block, and across town. I made the coffee at Stripes this morning. I gave grandpa his bath at the nursing home yesterday. I'm a young woman who's not so young anymore, who's feeling like she's missed something, something that can't be brought back no matter what. More.

The Imposter, the Customer Service Rep, and My Superhero Dad. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon, and he is still in his pajamas. He has not shaved or showered. Sponge baths are a way of life. “Love me. Love my dog.” What happened to the dad who put on a uniform every morning and went to work? I remember that. Tall. Handsome. Strong. Certain. What happened to that man? More.

My Angel Gabriel. The first time I saw my son, I didn't tell him how much I loved him. I didn't touch his tiny hand. I didn't ask any questions about how he was doing. I didn't pray for God to watch over him and make him healthy. I didn't do anything other than be selfish and think of no one other than myself. More.

Hardcore. Harley never HAS sex. Harley USES sex—to prove a point, to settle a score, to cope with a mood, to punish someone, to reward someone else, to control a situation, to distract herself, to deny how she feels, to pretend it's all ok. For Harley, making love is never an option. Making love is out of the question. I Hope My Mother Never Reads This.

Top Picks.

Grace. Land. What does it take to give someone you love a second chance? What does it take to give one to yourself? What does it take to find the courage to do the impossible? A mother drives cross country to rescue her daughter from an abusive marriage, or does she? Find out in Grace. Land.

Dear Patrick. Childhood memories cut short by tragedy. Missing faces and empty spaces. For the pain that will not die, only one answer will suffice. Only one solution makes sense. Only one outcome makes it right. Can innocence really be restored? Don't miss Dear Patrick.

Getting to Know You. A mother's letter to her son leaves a lasting impression. Voices from the past speak across the chasm of indifference and self absorption. Can we learn something meaningful and lasting from strangers we have never met? For a heartwarming and poignant witness to a mother's love, read Getting to Know You.

The Hero. What if you could change one thing about the past, one thing that matters more than anything else—what would it be? A child's night of terror. An adult's never ending torment. When the screaming subsides, who will be the The Hero?

Angel's Mercy It's still a world of make believe to Angel, but mom knows better. She knows how hard things get, how quickly too. She doesn't know when things will change, or if, but she's figuring something out. The choices you make count. The things you believe in matter. Mom's discovered Angel's Mercy.

White Ruffles. Once upon a time, everyone believed in things that were too good to be true. Soon enough the unkept promises stacked up like past due bills next to an overflowing ashtray. Disappointment. Disillusionment. Sorrow. It didn't start out that way. It never does. Once upon a time, she wore White Ruffles.

The Letter. When a bullet leaves the barrel of a gun, there's no way to take it back. She needed to sabotage her personal plan of self destruction. She needed a way out. She found one. She did the unthinkable. She sent The Letter.


What Holds You Back?

Sometimes, you have to stand still in order to find what really moves you.


Growing Up. Great Depression.

Getting to Know You.

It Makes a Difference.

A moving description of determination and its consequences. A vivid portrayal of a bygone era and those who shaped and were shaped by it. A stark testament to antiquated ideals and forgotten values. A candid reminder of what it takes to pull through. More.

Growing Up. Oklahoma.

Here I Am.

Almost Didn't Make It.

With a husband and kids I felt hopeful. I became someone I had never been before, a wife, a mom, a new me. It was a happy me, a me I had never met, a me I never knew existed. I wasn't lonely. I wasn't empty inside and frantic about it all the time. More.

Growing Up. SoCal. Self Harm. Rescue.

Hope Is Just Another Rope.

This Should Be Simple, Right?

They said I had to write a brief biography for this page. What would you say about your own worst enemy? This should be simple, right? Something like, "I am a forty-three year old vampire living in Oklahoma. I work nights and dolls are just another hobby." More.

Growing Up. Oklahoma.

Aimee Simple.

Anything But.

Do what makes you feel good.

Let's see how that works out.



I Just Want to Feel Loved.

Even If It Kills Us Both.

Katie & Janey share a secret, and someday they might tell. Meanwhile, the war is on. Who let all these people in here anyway? More.

Van Dyke. Burroughs. Serling.

Jesus or Junk?

Whatever Works.

This is where the Good Stuff goes, the best of the best, the stuff which sets the standard, the stuff to which everything else compares. More.

Growing Up. Ambition.

My Masquerade.

No One Can Take That Away.

Do you know what it's like to want something so badly that your throat feels tight and your skin crawls at the thought of not having it? Do you know what it's like to want to be somebody you've never been, because it hurts too much to be the person you are? More.

Ambien. Stadol. Self Harm. Mom.

My Recovery Is About My Choices.

Yours Is Too.

Every day not using is like treading water, and when I am exhausted and too weak to tread, I give in. Always for the last time you see. The lines I said I would never cross have all been crossed. More.

Growing Up. Rootlessness.

The Past Is Always Present.

The Story Behind the Stories.

Square One.

From there anything is possible.


Realty Check.

It Starts Here.


Rough Draft.

Your Stories Must Be Told.


Photo Booth.

Exact Change Required.

One thing you can say about a photograph, no matter who or what's in front of the lens, it's always a selfie. Say Cheese!

Marriage. Motherhood. Suicide.

A Slice of Life.

I Didn't Want to Love You.

Like most people, she learned life's lessons the hard way. More.

Growing Up. Oklahoma. Choices. Regret.

Where Are YOU Going?

Someday It Will All Make Sense.

What if somebody told you that the road you're on led nowhere—before you got to the point of no turning back?

What if somebody gave you a glimpse, a hint, a moment of clarity—before you got stuck in a life that you hate? More.


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